Nokta Makro is an Turkey company.

NOKTA Detectors are known to be the stars of the metal detectors industry since the year they were established they are serving their customers with the best metal detectors. They follow the unique but advanced principles of innovation, optimal performance, and product quality and user satisfaction.

Because of its advanced technology, it has become the popular yet favourite brand worldwide by professional as well as hobbyist hunters.

NOKTA has always been the game changer of the metal detectors industry and carrying its qualities it made a huge investment in 2011 by developing new advanced technologies in the world of metal detectors that was followed by the acquisition of MACRO Detectors in the year 2014.

And with the acquisition with MACRO detectors, NOKTA is exporting NOKTA MACRO metal detectors throughout the world its vast exporting network is in more than 150 countries and 6 continents.

NOKTA MACRO DETECTORS are certified by the Ministry of Science, Industry and technology of turkey in 2017 as an official R&D centre.

Besides NOKTA MACRO many advancements and products quality the biggest source of motivation by the company is its customer’s satisfaction.

One of the services provided to customers is the products warranty for which NOKTA MACRO is very known for.

Detectors company gives their users the warranty that the NOKTA MACRO products will be free from any material defects for the specified period of 2 years for the following products

All electronic system boxes:

  • Search coils
  • Shafts
  • Handles

While for the products like:

  • NOKTA MACRO branded lithium batteries and all accessories have the warranty period of 6 months.
  • While the third party accessories and AA/AAA batteries are not covered under this policy.
  • Another point of NOKTA MACRO warranty policy is that it is limited to those defects which occur during the normal usage of products according to the printed instructions of NOKTA MACRO and the warranty policy does not cover any other problem that may arise as a result of
  • Misuse of the products, negligence and any accident.
  • Software or programs which are not supported by NOKTA MACRO detectors.
  • Or any unauthorized maintenance of operation or alteration by the buyer or the third party.
  • The warranty policy by NOKTA MACRO will be void if any of these occur.
  • The serial number of the product is removed or altered.
  • The device or its parts are exposed to extreme hot or cold conditions or are soaked in water unless specified as waterproof.
  • Moreover the customers should return the defective product to NOKTA MACRO or to any of its authorized dealer with freight prepaid.
  • When the NOKTA MACRO detectors receive the defective product and if it falls under the warranty policy it will either repair or replace the product.


  • In case the user want to return any of the NOKTA MACRO product purchased he or she have to obtain a Return Material Authorization (RMA).
  • And this implies to all of the products returns including the warranty/repair, replacements or non-warranty repairs.


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